stoked dudes

Welcome to the Crew

The Stoked dudes are a collection of 5,555 randomly generated surfers shredding on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each owner of a stoked dudes NFT will gain exclusive access to the Metasurf Club, real life surf experiences, wave pools, merchandise, surfboards with utility, NFT’s and more.

Why buy a stoked dude?

When you buy a Stoked Dude, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art.
You are joining a bunch of like minded frothers who share the love of surfing, You're helping more Dudes learn to surf, Gaining access to exclusive discounts with our partners and receiving exclusive Membership to the Metaverse Surf club to attend events.


Holders receive access to exclusive Merch, discounts, NFT's & more


Helping out organizations that support the surfing community


Earn $WAX token by completing challenges and tasks.


Access to Wave Pools & exclusive events both physical & within the Metaverse

The first 500 to mint will get a utility board

The first 500 stoked dudes NFT holders will receive a Stoked Dudes Surfboard NFT which will be redeemable for a stoked dudes softtop surfboard once the first 500 have sold. Holders of these Limited Edition Boards will have extra benefits and chances to earn $WAX Token and NFTS. These NFT's will be able to be sold to other Stoked Dude holders up until the cut off date to redeem the boards.
More boards will become available further into the roadmap for other holders to purchase or earn.


Every month we announce new surfing challenges for Stoked Dude Holders to complete. Each Challenge has a $WAX token reward amount.


Once a challenge is complete, Holders then submit video evidence to be approved. Community may vote on certain challenges


Once approved $WAX token amount will be airdropped into their wallet for use in our surf shop.

mint a stoked dude

Note: 250 Stoked Dudes are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, and for the Team's Surf Club Memberships.
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The launch day of Stoked Dudes will be June 1st. Allow listed members of the Stoked Dudes Discord will have 24 hrs to Mint before the Public Sale on June 2nd.
Join Discord here


10 Random Stoked Dude NFT Holders will receive a Stoked Dudes surfboard NFT which will be redeemable for a limited edition soft top surfboard at the redeem date and will hold extra membership benefits throughout further roadmap activations.


At 20% our Wax Token Storefront will launch. $WAX will be our way to reward Dudes in the Stoked Community, Along with the $WAX token launch, 20 Randomly selected Stoked Dude holders will receive A Golden WAX Token (NFT). This Token will be an access token to the Golden WAX event. (Below)

golden wax

At 50% the exclusive to holders Stoked Dude Merch will be available in the Surf Shop. We will announce the location and details of the Golden WAX Holder event. Holders of the Golden WAX token will be able to sell the token to other Stoked Dude holders up until the cut off date. To attend the event you must be holding a Stoked Dude and holding a Golden Wax NFT in the same wallet. Utility Board Challenges will be Unlocked!

metasurf club

At 75% the MetaSurf Club will Unlock, Only Holders of Stoked Dude NFT's will have access. The Metasurf Club will include a hall of fame, Rooftop theatre for viewing events and more. You will be able to use the native currency $WAX in the MetaSurf Club. (More details to come)

hodler event

At 100% we will celebrate this momentous occasion together at a Secret location. More will be revealed throughout the roadmap activations.

Note: If the project sells out faster then anticipated the roadmap will go to a scheduled timeline of events.

the team

Super Stoker
Lead Designer/ Developer
Danny Freetuna
Designer/Marketing Director
Designer/ Sales
Asia Pacific